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Excerpts from Hinterlands
Wendy Stewart
Wendy Stewart

Wendy Stewart is a leading Scottish harper, a critically acclaimed, world class performer who connects with the listener at a deep musical level and a renowned teacher who coaxes the budding musician out of the hesitant beginner.

Her musical commitment is both to make traditional harp accessible to all and to explore her own musical ideas through arrangement and composition.

As a player and singer, she re-interprets traditional material in a historically informed yet refreshing way. Her compositions are melodically sinuous, rooted in the tradition but seeking out the creative.

Wendy's relaxed but incisive style of teaching brings praise and results in equal measure. Through her layered arrangements and measured pace, she can bring a group of mixed ability learners together in confident, relaxed harmony.

Wendy lives in, and draws inspiration from, her rural lifestyle in Dumfries and Galloway in South West Scotland.

She is very involved with the rich artistic network here from composing commissions reflecting environmental artworks to singing with her community choir Cairn Chorus and she loves gardening.